How to maintain pearl necklace? Pay attention to these 7 points

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Ordinary people may think that pearls grow out of mussels, and clams live in water, so they think that pearls can enter the water, but this is indeed wrong. How to maintain the pearl necklace? Be sure to pay attention to these 7 points.

1. Stay away from the kitchen
There are all kinds of tiny pores in pearls, so if you wear pearl necklaces for a long time and enter the kitchen, the pearls will absorb all kinds of oily fumes, which will make the pearls yellow and greasy, making it difficult to clean.

2. Stay away from all kinds of cosmetics
In the process of makeup, it is best not to wear pearl necklaces for makeup, because calcium carbonate is the most abundant in pearls, which has poor chemical stability, so encountering these cosmetic substances will also change the luster of pearls.

3. Do not enter the water
Whether it's the sea, an ordinary swimming pool, or taking a bath at home, pearls can't be put into the water, because there are too many chemicals in the water, especially the seawater has too much salt.

4. Do not expose to the sun
Pearls only have 4%-5% moisture. If they are exposed to the sun for a long time, the moisture will flow too fast, and the pearls will lose their moisture and will no longer shine.

5. Can't touch sweat
Do not wear pearl necklaces in summer if the body sweats too much, because 1 to 2% of the sweat is a small amount of urea, lactic acid, and fatty acids that will also corrode pearls.

6. Lay flat
Do not hang up the pearl necklace for a long time, as the silk thread will loosen and deform after a long time, it should be stored flat.

7. Have oxygen
You can't keep the pearl necklace in the safe or safe for a long time. Fresh air is needed between the pearls, and you have to take it out and wear it every few months to let them breathe.

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