How to choose earrings according to different face shapes?

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Earrings are used as accessories to better highlight our facial features, and suitable earrings can help modify the shape of the face! Earrings can not only make your look more delicate and radiant, but also modify your face shape. We can teach you how to choose the earring shape that suits you!

Color, shape, material and style are generally considered when choosing earrings from the perspective of collocation; the most important thing is the shape, so today we will start with the shape. First of all, we need to know what kind of face shape we belong to, and then choose earrings according to the contour of the face shape.

1. Two basic types of earrings;

I Earrings


I Earrings stub

Earring stub

2. Six types of faces;

Six types of face shape

2.1【Heart shaped face】

Usually the lower jaw is sharper, and it is most suitable for earrings with a wider hem, such as drop-shaped and fan-shaped earrings, to achieve coordination;

2.2【Oval face】

A standard face shape, any earrings are suitable. Mainly need to match with the clothes you wear.


2.3【Square face】

This face shape is suitable for creating a neutral style, and at the same time has a smart and youthful feeling; Audrey Hepburn is this face shape. It is recommended to wear round, delicate and small stud earrings or slender drop chain earrings; elongate the face shape.

Round earrings

2.4【Round face】

Many people like round faces, which look youthful and cute. It is most suitable for slender earrings and fine and small earrings. The geometric shape of the earrings is the best; it is not suitable to wear wide earrings, which will widen your face;

slim&small earrings stub

2.5【Diamond face】

Basically suitable for most earrings, especially suitable for drop-shaped, fan-shaped, and thick column-shaped earrings, not suitable for heart-shaped, sharp needle-shaped earrings; earrings must not be particularly large, and the edges and corners are too sharp. Otherwise, it will make the cheekbones look higher and overall more icy and sharp.

fan & round earrings

2.6【Rectangular face】

Long face, suitable for all styles of earrings, no matter what shape and size; the most unsuitable is the square earrings, which will make the face look hard. If you wear earrings, you should choose wide ones, which will shorten the face shape visually.

slim & earrings stub

Accessories are mainly to make yourself look more perfect. Each face shape has its own advantages, and confident people are the most beautiful. Remember that collocation is based on the overall style and color to achieve visual coordination.

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