How to maintain jewelry?


Jewelry Maintenance

1. Alloy jewelry
1. Never let your alloy jewelry touch water
2. Try to put it in a place that is not in contact with the air when not wearing it
3. Do not use bleach
4. Avoid using abrasives, detergents and toothpastes.

2. Copper jewelry
1. Spread with ketchup
2. Use Lemon or Lime
3. Use yogurt to clean

3. Silver jewelry
1. Wear it every day
2. Wash with toothpaste
3. Use a silver cloth
4. Don't wear swimming

4. Shell jewelry
1. Keep away from cosmetics, sweat, dust and other acidic substances
2. Wipe off the dust and traces of hand mask with a clean damp cloth to maintain a certain humidity
3. Do not expose to strong light for a long time

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